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Through over forty years of hands on experience, Eagle Janitorial has carefully selected a wide range of product to distribute to all kinds of businesses. We offer dependable delivery schedules to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Eagle Janitorial stocks a full line of janitorial supplies and cleaning products.

We offer everything from brooms, mops & scrub brushes to trash cans, bags, toilet paper, paper towels, and feminine products. We offer the cleaning supplies you use every day like multi-purpose cleaners, restroom chemicals, laundry detergents, & odor eliminators. Eagle Janitorial Supply also offers the specialized products like carpet shampooers, Industrial obsorbants, animal care products, floor care products, & much more. Eagle Janitorial can also deliver the products to keep you safe while cleaning such as rubber gloves, hand cleaners, cleaning pads and brushes, body fluid clean up kits, as well as an abundance of other safety products.

Listed below are product categories and with some manufacturer links to their catalogs for your review.

Animal Care Products

Brooms & Brushes

Flo-Pac – Milwaukee
Corn Brooms, Counter Brushes, Deck Brushes, Food Service Brushes, Garage Brushes, Handles, Lambswool Applicators, Push Brooms, Scrub Brushes, Vehicle Care Brushes

Can Liners

Hi-Density, Infectious Waste, Low Deinsity, Food Service

Majestic Carpet Cleaners

Sanitizer Extraction Bonnet Cleaner, Carpet Extraction Cleaner, Traffic & Bonnet Cleaner, Carpet Rinse & Neutralizer, Carpet Defoamer, Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo, All Purpose Carpet Spotter, Carpet Odor Citrus Carpet Spotter, Concentrated Carpet Static Guard


Rubbermaid – Lakeside – Innovative Products Unlimited
Food Service Carts, Housekeeping Carts, Laundry Carts, Storage Carts

Cleaning Chemicals

All Purpose Cleaner, Bowl Cleaners, Degreasers, Disinfectants, Glass Cleaners, Restroom Cleaners, Scouring Cleanser, Spray Bottles, Stainless Steel

Cleaning Equipment

Nobles –  Eagle Power
Automatic Scrubbers, Back Pacs, Burnishes, Carpet Extractors, Carpet Shampooers, Floor Machines, Wet / Dry Vacuums


Machines, Rinse Additives, Warewashing Equipment

Feminine Hygiene Products

Rochester Midland, Maxi Guards, Panty Shields, Tampax Tampons, Vending Machines, Condoms

Floor Care

Concrete Sealers, Floor Finish, General Purpos, Germicidal, Sealers, Strippers, Waxes

Floor Matting

Anti-Fatigue, Drying Matting, Safety Matting, Scrapping Matting


Impact, Latex, Plastic, Rubber, Vinyl, Medical Grade Latex

Hand Cleaners

GoJo – Provon
Bar Soap, Body and Hair Shampoo, Dispensers, Liquid Soap, Lotion Soap, Powdered Soap, Waterless Soap, Instant Antiseptic

Ice Melter

Laundry Products

Automatic Dispensing Equipment, Detergents, Liquid Powder

Mopping Equipment

Rubbermaid – Wilen Continental
Buckets & Bucket Wringers, Floor Signs, Metal Buckets, Mops & Mop Handles, Plastic Buckets

Odor Control

Big D – Fresh
Aerosols, Fluid Absorbents, Granular Deodorants, Organic Gels, Sewer Products, Solid Room Deodorants, Urinal Screens & Blocks, Water Soluble Deodorants


Brillo – 3M
Doodle Bugs, Floor Stripping, Floor Cleaning, Floor Polishing, Grill & Oven, Hand Pads, Nylon, Soap Pads, Scouring Pads

Paper Supplies

Reliable – Spring Grove – Kimberly Clark
Copy Paper, C-Fold Towels, Dusting Cloths, Kleenex, Multi-Fold Towels, Roll Towels, Tissue, Toilet Seat Covers, Wipers

Safety Products

Absorbents, Aprons, body Fluid Clean-Up Kits, Coveralls, Dust/Mist Respirators, Gloves, Non-Toxic Particle Mask, PA Right To Know Stations, Signs

Waste Receptacles

Rubbermaid – United
Brutes and Dollies, Fire Resistant, Indoor /Outdoor, Metal – Plastic, Recycle Systems, Step-On-Cans, Tilt Trucks, Wastebaskets

Window Cleaning

Equipment – Ettore
Squeegees, Scrappers, Telescopic Poles, Window Washers

Industrial Products

Oil Dry Absorbents, Absorbent Socks, Absorbent Pads, Absorbent Rug, Spill Kits

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