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Eagle Janitorial provides housekeeping/janitorial services to nursing homes, out-patient, and many other medical facilities. These medical facilities include orthopedic and other out-patient surgery centers, general medical offices, urgent care facilities, and dialysis centers. We provide general housekeeping, floor cleaning services, laundry, and supply services. Eagle has the experience and understands how important infection control is in the delivery of our services. That is why whether we are cleaning a physical therapy office or an operating room, we are dedicated to providing a clean and safe environment for all facility occupants. 

Comprehensive Housekeeping

Our environmental services staff at Eagle Janitorial undergoes extensive on-site training in specialized procedures. The department is given the latest state of the art equipment and cleaning supplies. Through our membership in professional organizations, we stay current on recent trends and the latest developments in our field, not only with supplies and equipment, but cleaning techniques, procedures and regulations. Eagle has qualified, experienced housekeeping services for hospitals, nursing homes, doctors offices, surgery centers, orthopedics, dialysis centers, and all other types of medical facility cleaning and healthcare janitorial services.

But more than delivering a high level of quality to our clients, we also strive to maintain that level of quality to a special group of people – your residents and patients. We know how important it is for your residents to have clean, pleasant and safe surroundings which is why we do our best to make sure that the environment they live in meets a high standard that ensures complete satisfaction of those who are receiving care at your facility.

Specialized Floor Maintenance

Quality floor maintenance programs are truly the heart of Eagle Janitorial’s business. Providing contracted floor maintenance services to nursing homes is where we began. Through using the resources of the floor care technicians, as well as, supply and equipment specialists, a systematic program is developed to assure total satisfaction on a daily basis. Our floor maintenance schedules keep the tile and carpeted areas looking well-maintained, keeping with our goal of providing a continuously clean environment. Eagle has qualified, experienced floor maintenance services for tile cleaning, carpet cleaning, hallwawys, rooms, floor waxing and stripping for hospitals, nursing homes, doctors offices, surgery centers, orthopedics, dialysis centers, and all other types of medical facility floor cleaning and healthcare floor mainteneance services.

Medical Facility Cleaning Services

Eagle Janitorial has extensive experience cleaning all types of medical facilities including general medical offices, dialysis centers, out patient surgery centers, physical therapy facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, doctors offices, emergency hospitals and others. We understand the importance the cleaning program has to do with the total operations in a medical facility. Eagle has invested in extensive training programs and developed cleaning programs to ensure that all patient treatment areas and operating rooms are cleaned according to established specifications that ensure a clean and disinfected environment to minimize any risk of patient or healthcare personnel being exposed to potentially infectious microorganisms.

Customized Laundry Services

Each member of the Eagle Janitorial laundry staff is trained in infection control and proper cleaning and handling of linens and clothing. Our unique Personal Clothing Service ensures that each resident’s clothes are handled with the utmost care. We offer labeling and mending services that can be done by the Eagle Janitorial in house staff.

Eagle Janitorial is committed to consistently providing the highest level of housekeeping, laundry, and floor services to the health care industry. Our dedication extends to the residents of those facilities, assuring the cleanest, most pleasant, and safest environment in which to live

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